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These weapons are used with a short extension. 5.PEASANT'S GUANDAO. Jello Bob the Builder Hammers - Batons statistical and cosmetic variation made out of Jello belong to Bob the Builder, Northern Hammer - Two handed weapon Silver Spear (1,48 mio/48 gems)- Yari variant Ornamental Sabers (375 gems)- Oriental sabres variant Heavy Nunchacku (3,11mio/60 gems)-, Nunchacku variant Meteorite Knives (5,13mio/72 gems)- Knife variant Ronin's Dadao (Challenger)-, Dadao variant Trident (9,37mio/84 gems)- Unique Yari variant with new moves Katars (111 gems)- Knuckles variant Blade Tonfa (15,5mio/96 gems)-, Tonfa variant Emerald Cutters (450 gems)- Unique weapon similar to widow's fans Ceremonial Shuang Gou - Shuang Gou variant. Swords is an umbrella term for a large number of dual-swords that have moderately-long blades. Unlocked at level 20 after defeating Wasp's first bodyguard. Using APKPure App to upgrade Weapons For Shadow Fight 2, fast, free and save your internet data. Reply. This App is guide , tips , trick and informations about Shadow Fight 2 This is the new 2016 version game guide for Shadow Fight 2. In the shadow fight, two mod apk all guns unlocked level 99; you get the chance to have access to every weapon. It shares some moves with the Katana, but has a different double slash and super slash. It also has an unlimited amount of enchantments materials! Attacks can be hard to control since they last a fair amount of time, so make sure use your kicks to ensure a good set up for your combo. Despite their close range class, the super slash on the knuckles is a great tool to approach enemies from medium range but do use this wisely since it's a very punishable move as the active frames on the move is stupidly long. Staff = Long Range weapon able to deal massive damage in 1 hit. Rabid Tonfas (Sa/Sd) - This weapon is acquirable through the starter pack only. Weapons of this type feature somewhat high damage, high mobility, somewhat long range, and fast attack speed; attacks performed with these weapons also hit more times than usual, which results in rapid attack speeds per hit but slow overall attack times. Sickles - Weapons with a unique move set that is a combination of the claw and swords move set. Super weapons come with enchantments. Batons can be categorized into four sub-classes based on Super Slash and Spinning Slash. A glaive is two long blades connected to each other at its handle (note that in other contexts, "glaive" usually refers to a type of polearm, and double swords like the "glaives" in this game did not exist historically). The range of weapons generally extends from sticks to more dangerous weapons like swords. Unlocked at level 23 and cost gems. Reply Delete. 2. Jjj 1 List of Weapons 2 Act 1 (Tier 1 weapons) 2.1 8. Unlocked at level 14 after defeating Butcher's 1st bodyguard. There is no obvious equivalent to these weapons, though they share a mix of attributes with classes such as katana, kusarigama, and two-handed weapons. Weapon Classes (SF2) Knuckles. The weapons are categorized according to their "front double-punch" combo. I personally find them just better than the "Knife" class since I'm able to punish more moves. Ninja Sword (Mb) - In Japan, these are the secondary weapons in exchange for pistols. All these improvements are needed not only for full-fledged gameplay but also for victory. Replies. #2 composite sword - This is an amazing sword that is made of many, many ribbons of metal. shadow fight 2 shadow fight 2 mod shadow fight 2 mod apk. These are weapons used for ranges that utilizes your wrists (such as Knuckles). Technical note: Knuckles weapons strengthen the player's unarmed punches, as well as giving a Super Slash. Two-handed weapon is an umbrella term for a large number of very large, heavy weapons designed to deal devastating blows in a single strike. These weapons are good for counter attacks, and when executed properly, can stop the current move of your opponent. Delete. There is no obvious equivalent to these weapons, though they share a mix of attributes with katana, glaives, and claws. Daisho - A powerful pair of blades, one a katana and the other a smaller, though similar looking blade. 7. steel Nanchaku = Strong weapon able to defeat Hermit. The game shadow fight 2 mod apk all weapons unlocked level 52 is amazing. This classic fighting game has many fans, and people are waiting for the … Strong weapon with life steal. … Pneumo fist weapons also grant a double slash. Know More About Game: Shadow Fight 2. Download Shadow Fight 2 MODDED & install. Harrier Hooks = Heavy damage type weapon with critical enchantment. Blood Reaper (Lc) - The first very long range weapon obtainable through gem purchase. About a Findtricks Is the weapon used to defeat Wasp. Replies. The "Sword class" are just knives with a longer range but slightly slower*. The super slash is a spectacular somersault which tears the flesh of the enemy. Barbed Glaive - This weapon is similar to the glaive but with a different appearance. Unlocked at level 15 after defeating 2nd bodyguard. In Shadow Fight 2, most of them have nothing in common in their appearance, yet function in exactly the same way excluding their Super Slashes. Replies. The super slash involves the firing of a laser blast. Replies. Its special combo is a nice head-stomach-head (if executed properly) hit, that could actually stun the opponent. There are a total of 110 weapons in the game, consisting of 25 weapons from each Common, Rare, Epic rarities, 27 Legendary weapons, and 8 Unique weapons. R - Non-melee weapons - Although some weapons are melee, some weapons like the Plasma Rifle are melee. Steel Tonfas = Hand type weapon perfect for combos. With a little slow, but sure, slashes, these weapons can cut your opponents at medium to high damage. Despite this, you are vulnerable to counter-attacks as the end lag frames on your moves are high.

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