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Soon, the other campers catch on. But when he actually seems to lay one, he grows extremely fond of it. According to the Bean Scout regulations, Edward is considered too young to watch the horror movie, Joe Murray, Mark O'Hare, and Thurop Van Orman. He forces her to beat all the Bean Scouts that she does not love. Clam catches "lovesickness" and falls for Squirrel Scout Gretchen, so Lazlo and Raj try to snap him out of it. 6 Jun. They just have one job that they have to do: they … Rate. Cheese Orbs: The aliens from the last episode invade Acorn Flats in search of cheese. Things go out of hand when Lazlo makes the awards out of toilet paper. These shorts were featured on television and on the podcasts, and were created without the involvement of the creator, Joe Murray. Lumpus initially likes his new attitude, but when Lazlo becomes. Lumpus gets lost in the woods with Lazlo and must keep himself from going crazy. 56:48 . Rate. Harold (the walrus scout) decides that he wants to be with the "cool scouts" (mostly with Raj). Camp Lazlo/Episodes < Camp Lazlo. However, the Jelly Beans think he has a cannon and wants to blow up the Moon. Edward's secret doll, Veronica, is discovered by the campers. "Meat Man" - The Jelly Beans create a doll out of canned meat that comes to life and terrorizes the camp. Play games, watch videos, get free downloads and find out about your favourite Bean Scout characters. Edit. The Jellies realize that they have to do it themselves by stealing Lumpus's super-ship. [1] However, the episode never aired, but was reworked as "Gone Fishin' (Sort of)", which became the pilot instead. Edward must complete a list of good deeds as penance for "accidentally" hurting Lazlo. 1 "Where's Lazlo" - When Lazlo goes missing from Camp Kidney, a nostalgic Raj and Clam recall life at camp before and after Lazlo arrived. What was supposed to be a friendly picnic between Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats ends up having the scouts of both camps facing each other in a "Pinecone Sitting" showdown. Lazlo develops a huge crush on the mermaid of Leaky Lake. Lazlo wins an award, but the other Bean scouts grow jealous. The Jellies realize that they have to do it themselves by stealing Lumpus's super-ship. Lazlo attempts to have fun with Lamar (the sea lamprey) until it sucks away Lazlo's blood. AND THEN Lanzo and friends see in Clinic and he starts Crying Lazlo, Raj, and Clam come with him to make sure that he's relaxing, but end up making his vacation even more stressful than his job. Contents. Lumpus tries to get back to his cabin before anyone sees him naked. Under request of Mr. Slinkman, Edward's older brothers pay a visit to Camp Kidney to discipline the Bean Scouts. It was released on HBO Max on July 15, 2020. Lumpus discovers that by using wet paint instead of clothing, he is finally free from the bondage of laundry. Summary: Slugfest: Scoutmaster Lumpus won't give his trusty assistant, Slinkman, the night off, so Lazlo helps the invertebrate get some much-needed backbone to stand up to his boss. But since Lazlo is the only one that can start fire, they must get him back. And to be honest, I don't really think that much information can be found. The Nothing Club: Edward excludes Lazlo from his secret club. In order to stop this Edward needs Lumpus' nose hair. Lazlo tries to break the world's record for stacking beans. When Lazlo puts his photo on Lumpus' family tree, Lumpus starts to believe that he is his father and retires from being scoutmaster, happy with passing the camp on to his "son", Lazlo. Camp Kidney Stinks: Lazlo urges everyone to stop showering if they want to enjoy the great outdoors. Rate. Loogie Llama: Lazlo comes to the rescue when the Bean Scouts feel bad because they don't have horses to ride. 0. D&D Beyond Prodigious Clamus: Lumpus believes that Clam's genius will lead him to fame and fortune. Lumpus believes that Commander Hoo Ha is going to "give him the axe". The Jelly Bean Cabin are sad because Leonard Lumpus (later named Algonquin) is sad for his failure to catch the biggest fish. But one spitfire of a llama will soon change that. When the rest of the Bean Scouts head home for Halloween, The Jelly Beans figure Camp Kidney is the best place to spend the holiday. Description. The show features a Boy Scout-like summer camp with a cast of anthropomorphic animal characters, a "retro" type of humor and cultural references. He has to get it immediately before sunset, but it turns out Slinkman made the story up in order for Lumpus to get out of his new portable chair. Little does Lumpus know, this particular cheese is extremely poisonous. Clam pretends to be Nina's brother to get her in the sisterhood club. Lumpus sends the scouts on a wild-goose chase after a, Edward is leading a chorus to burp the song ". Unikitty . Camp Lazlo - The Big Cheese - Duration: 2:54. After Samson gets picked on for not having friends outside of camp, he makes a lie about getting letters from a famous magician. S1, Ep1 When Camp Kidney's resident chef McMuesli falls ill, the entire camp goes to the nearby town of Prickly Pines for a meal, but Lumpus decides to leave without paying. The only problem is that Scoutmaster Lumpusdoes not want to let Slinkman have a vacation. Lumpus is heartbroken after Jane Doe gets engaged to Prickly Pines' mayor Pothole McPucker, so he tries to break them up. is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Cartoon Network. Joe Murray said that he intended for "Parasitic Pal" to be "one of the first" episodes broadcast. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 3. Lights Out: Lumpus tries to make the Jelly Cabin turn their lights out. [5], This episode originally first aired unannounced on October 1st, 2005. To this end, he calls on four of them to hear something important that he has to say. £6.99; View in iTunes. So he plays a prank on them, making Chip think he has eaten his brother. Float Trippers: Lazlo tries to snap Raj out of his delusion. Finding Samson of no use to them, the aliens release him. The Squirrel Scouts suspect Lazlo and the Jelly Beans are aliens from another planet, and so they kidnap them for some genuine alien interrogation. It's No Picnic: The Bean Scouts take on the Squirrel Scouts in a contest for the best mud puddle. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Episode Info Lazlo tries to help his frustrated scoutmaster catch a fish in Leakey Lake; the Squirrel Scout girls believe Lazlo and his friends are aliens who want to devour them. Squirrel Scout Almondine ponders the meaning of being pretty to prepare for a pageant. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam are off to Camp Kidney on the adventure of a lifetime! The Amazing World of Gumball. But our happy and oblivious campers embrace the great outdoors with gusto. Mark O'Hare, Clayton McKenzie Morrow, and Cosmo Segurson. Lumpus' mild-mannered assistant Mr. Slinkman wants to go to Slugfest, a festival which only happens every five years. While Edward forms a campwide anti-Lazlo club, Lazlo makes his own club out of nothing, which ultimately proves more popular than Edward's club. Lazlo inherits bad luck from Samson, so they consult to the Scoutmaster in the Sky in order to fix it. As punishment for Chip and Skip destroying Lumpus' cabin, Slinkman makes Edward their chaperone, which becomes complicated. Edward tires of hearing Chip and Skip talk on walkie-talkies. Lumpus, looking for a chance to impress Jane Doe, tries to earn a role in the play. Lumpus brings the Jelly Bean cabin scouts on a camping trip, using a historically important tent passed down from Lumpus' great-grandfather. Lumpus can't stand the fact that Slinkman is under doctor's orders to take a vacation, so Lumpus decorates Camp Kidney Hawaiian-style, hoping to fool Slinkman. 2. Samson feels left out from the group, so he puts pictures of his face all over the yearbook. Dosey Doe: Lazlo organises a dance to set Lumpus up with the Squirrel Scout leader. It had been revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was an impostor all along who locked up the real scoutmaster in the closet the whole season and stole his job as scoutmaster. Tree Hugger: The Jelly Scouts try to stop Lumpus from cutting down an ancient tree. "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? The Fairly OddParents: Top 5 Episodes Of Season 5 - Duration: 56:48. Raj panics when he loses his retainer during a canoeing excursion, and Clam and Lazlo try to cheer him up. This half-hour double episode finds the Scouts returning to Camp Kidney for the summer, only to find it closed. Season 1 … Slugfest only happens every five years, and Slinkman has tickets. 1. "A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Mi Casa, Eew Casa". Watch Camp Lazlo episode 1 Online Gone Fishin' (sort of) Gone Fishin' (sort of): Lumpus attempts to catch a fish in leaky lake, but soon discovers he needs the help of Jelly Beans to bring him back to land. After a visit from the smell fairy, Samson comes to admire the wonderful stench. To prevent this from happening, Lazlo brings Raj, Clam, and Patsy on a perilous journey through the woods to find the Rock of Hope, which leads them to the Worldwide Bean Scout Jamboree to find the Big Bean to help them save Camp Kidney. EPISODE 1 Hallobeanies / Meatman "Hallobeanies" - Lumpus' favorite holiday is ruined when the Jelly Beans can't stop trick or treating. Ben 10. However, the Big Bean is a little bean who lied to Lazlo saying his cousin Clyde sent him on the journey and that he shut Camp Kidney down. After the campers vie to become the camp mascot, Edward gets jealous because of Raj and Clam getting the mascot position. Lumpus decides to make every day Clown Day, despite Lazlo's fear of clowns. They need some advice about catching fish from the nurse and the deacon but they asked questions of their own. Slinkman becomes the scoutmaster of Acorn Flats after Jane Doe and Ms. Mucus leave for vacation, but he does not seem to be doing well at his new job. Samson believes he has upset S.M.I.T.S. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Jelly Bean Cabin are sad because Leonard Lumpus, later named Algonquin, is sad for his failure to catch the biggest fish. But when Lazlo finds a poem written on the inside of his hand-me-down neckerchief and realizes he went to Camp Kidney years ago, he changes his mind and decides to reopen Camp Kidney. Commander Hoo-Ha makes Ms. Mucus help the Bean Scouts pass their fitness test, but she tries to make them fail by taking them to a carnival. Production: Camp Lazlo is airing with new episodes on Cartoon Network's "Fridays" at 8:00 P.M (E/P) which started on July, 8, 2005. Camp Lazlo, Vol. Sign Up Now! Description. Clam gets the hiccups, thus leading Lazlo and Raj to help him get rid of them. The Fairly OddParents - Official Recommended for you. The Jelly Bean trio realize that Camp Kidney is not on a placemat map at a local restaurant in Prickly Pines, which leads them to go to great lengths to get the camp on it. Raj is usually terrified of insects, but an oddly cute bug has him turning over a new leaf. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. $11.99; View in iTunes. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam try to make the best float for the Prickly Pines Parade. The Bean Scouts discover Camp Kidney has a radio station and decide to put on some radio shows. When they find the "scoop of the century," their paper sells much better. 2007 Hold It Lazlo/Being Edward . Through flashbacks, we see how what had once been a dreary existence for the Bean Scouts of Camp Kidney, was drastically altered with the mere ARRIVAL of our favorite little monkey. Meanwhile, back in the forest, Clam is doing fine but he thinks he lost Raj. Lumpus is determined to get a photo of a rare bird in order to win a big cash prize. Campers All Pull Pants Down: Lazlo is terrified that he will be the next victim of Edward's 'pantsing'. Chip and Skip wreak havoc on the camp as they search for their favorite penny. Scoutmaster Lumpus wants to watch a comet named after him through a telescope that passes Earth once every 50,000 years, but the lights at the Jelly Bean cabin are interfering with his viewing. Unfortunately, Lumpus has taken over the toy factory and has become a tyrant to the elves. Edward goes around pulling down everyone's pants, and when it comes to Lazlo's turn, he tries to stay safe from Edward's pantsing wrath. Even as all of the scouts walk out after realizing of their deception, Lazlo continues digging for the dinosaurs. "Beans are from Mars" - The Squirrel Scouts discover that the Jelly Beans are actually from another planet and take them hostage to find out more. They need some advice about catching fish from the nurse and the deacon but they asked questions of their own. The Big Cheese: Lumpus develops a plan to steal Raj's cheese wheel. It's Me Samson". Lumpus later doesn't see the comet and it disappears for another 50,000 years. Lumpus, having a mid-life crisis, buys a new SUV which causes problems when the campers try to train their frogs for the Leap Frog competition. Now he has to spend time with his least-favorite scout Lazlo to complete the requirements. Except where specifically mentioned in the episode synopses, each half-hour episode consists of two separately titled segments. The Bean Scouts dream up their ideal camp when they find a sign for a camp called "Camp Dinkey.". This episode was the fourth of five chapters for a special network event titled "Cartoon Network Invaded", a month long event that featured five different shows having alien invasions. Beans are from Mars: The Squirrel Scouts discover that the Jelly Beans are really from another planet. Raj gets an Indian cheese wheel from the Kafizzel River in the mail, which Lumpus tries to steal and eat. When Edward steals all the Bean Scouts' sleeping bags on a camping trip, an odd sleeping bag creature shows up. Santa vacations at Camp Kidney after his workshop is destroyed, but soon decides not to return home or resume toy making. Scoutmaster Lumpus does not want them to leave because if they do, he will not receive a cabin upgrade. Camp Lazlo: A Chip and Skip Original Series is an American animated comedy web television series created by Joe Murray and developed by John Trabbic, and is a spinoff of Camp Lazlo. Season 1, Episode 1 July 8, 2005 Lazlo tries to help his frustrated scoutmaster catch a fish in Leakey Lake; the Squirrel Scout girls believe Lazlo and his friends are aliens who want to devour them. The Wig of Why: The campers are disturbed when Lazlo's predictions begin to come true. History Talk (0) Share. When Commander Hoo-Ha plans to stay for a few days, Lumpus enlists the Dung Beetles to get rid of him with the taste of his own medicine. Watch Queue Queue The Real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is a one time character of Camp Lazlo who made his debut in the final episode of Camp Lazlo, Lumpus's Last Stand. The Squirrel Scouts go crazy for Samson because he looks like teen idol Hanley Manster (as seen from the new issue of "DreamBoat" magazine). When Raj loses Clam in the forest, he covers his mistake by telling Lazlo that Clam is now invisible. Lazlo comes out of Leaky Lake and a sea lamprey is attached on his head. The hottest day at Camp Kidney is making life there miserable, at least until the Jelly Bean cabin brings an air conditioner from Prickly Pines back to camp. As a result, all of the camp "fame" goes straight to their heads. Edward gets sent to the "Temper Tee Pee" over his anger at losing a game of checkers to Lazlo; upon his arrival, Edward is Jealous Because he never win he finds his counselor to be Chef McMuesli. "Meat Man" - The Jelly Beans create a doll out of canned meat that comes to life and terrorizes the camp. Craig of the Creek. 9. EPISODE 1 Where's Lazlo, Pt. Raj's marshmallow addiction has him in a sticky situation. The Fungies. Lazlo resides in the "Jelly Bean" cabin with his fellow Bean Scouts Raj, an Indian elephant, and Clam, a pygmy rhinoceros. Rate. Gone Fishin' (sort of): Lumpus is determined to catch a fish in Leaky Lake. The only problem is that Lumpus does not want to let Slinkman have a vacation, and Slinkman is not assertive enough to stand up against Lumpus. "A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Marooned Maroons". Rate. Meme Maker. Joe Murray originally created a test pilot episode of Camp Lazlo for Cartoon Network in 2004, entitled "Monkey See, Camping Doo". Yet the article only lists the subordinate "storyboard artist". However, the episode never aired, but was reworked as "Gone Fishin' (Sort of)", which became the pilot instead. Swimming Buddy: Lazlo helps Raj to prepare for his swimming test... Parasitic Pal: Lazlo shows off his new best friend - a parasitic leech. Edward and the Jelly Bean trio are in competition to start a tour business. At the end of the episode, Lumpus is revealed to have been an impostor all along: the real scoutmaster arrives and has Lumpus put in a straitjacket and sent to a mental hospital. The Bean Scouts tell lousy horror stories at a campfire. Rate. When Lazlo disappears after meeting a bear, the camp assumes he has been mauled, while Clam and Raj refuse to accept that explanation. Clayton McKenzie Morrow and Cosmo Segurson. The Dung Beetles, Chip and Skip, must get jobs in order to stay at Camp Kidney, or else they will have to return to their home. Camp Runnyrump | Cartoon Network Camp Lazlo Pilot Developmen... | Flickr,, Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Jane Doe is driven to the very brink of insanity when the Bean Scouts bunk with her after seeing the pampering she's given to the Dung Beetles. "A Chip and Skip Cartoon: My Brother's Eater". An Emmy-winning hour-long prequel about how the Jelly Cabin trio met. Add Image. Rate. When Lazlo finds a wig that he thinks gives him clairvoyance, he takes up job as camp fortune teller. Teen Titans Go! Scoutmaster Lumpus tries to get closer to Ms. Jane Doe, head of the Squirrel Scouts, by hosting a dance, a. Scoutmaster Lumpus seeks to cash in on Clam's newly discovered genius. This video is unavailable. A two-part episode involving the Bean Scouts putting on a play about seven deadly sandwiches, with Lazlo as the director. Camp Lazlo (stylized as CAMP LAZLO!) Watch Queue Queue. "A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Outhouse on Haunted Hill". After Samson tells them that they have no hair, Chip and Skip try to look for hair. This is a quote from, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 00:00. Raj falls apart when he loses his tusks because he believes that the Tusk Wizard does not know he is at Camp Kidney. After Raj gets obsessed with using multiple labor-saving devices, he regresses into an infant. The reason why Lazlo (Camp Lazlo) was forked is that there is a lot of external information available: character development, personality, reviews, and so forth. Patsy writes a Valentine's Day card for Lazlo, but her father, Commander Hoo-Ha, finds her card. And when Raj goes in the lake to give the mermaid a piece of his mind, he falls in love with her, too. Upon his return, he finds three new campers arrive from Canada, and Samson is certain that they are the aliens in disguise, so he sets out to prove it. Rate. When Raj gets his turn to run the camp store, business is slow until Lazlo decides to help him. Lumpus tricks the Bean Scouts into digging for dinosaur bones, but his real goal is to have them dig a trench for a personal bowling alley. This event involved special episodes from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Ed, Edd n Eddy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Camp Lazlo. Unfortunately, Samson's pranks go too far when his parents (who turn out to be jellyfish) call to visit the camp. The scouts learn that many years ago, Slinkman was once a daredevil whose career was ruined by Lumpus. But when the Squirrel Scouts realize that they don't have enough time to get a float in, they try to steal Camp Kidney's float. The entire camp is rolling in stinkweed, much to the dismay of neurotic camper Samson. Clam becomes an outlaw after a scuffle with Scoutmaster Lumpus. Edward gains jealousy when he does not receive any mail and Lazlo receives a lot of mail. Edward's plan to finally beat Lazlo in the big canoe race by cheating takes him and the Dung Beetles on a shortcut to Loserville. Edward earns enough badges to graduate from Camp Kidney to Tomato Camp, but after watching images of the camp, he decides that he does not want to go. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. The Dung Beetles, Chip and Skip, get into an argument, so Lazlo tries to get them to get along again. CC; 1 Oct 2005; 23 Minutes "Hallobeanies" - Lumpus' favorite holiday is ruined when the Jelly Beans can't stop trick or treating. Edward tries to prevent the Jelly Beans from becoming the mascot. 5. 10. When Lazlo remarks, "I don't know where I'm gonna go when the volcano blows!" When she does not beat Lazlo, Commander Hoo-Ha will inflict a harsher punishment on him. Lazlo helps the Loon brothers, Dave and Ping Pong, make their camp newspaper better. Lumpy Treasure: The Jelly cabin find a treasure map on Raj. Lazlo, Raj, and Clam are off to Camp Kidney on the adventure of a lifetime! When Lazlo unintentionally laughs at Gretchen, she says that she will "get him", so he enlists the help of Samson to "take care" of Gretchen. Slinkman and Raj confront a haunted coffee table that was apparently damaged by Lumpus. When the other campers are furious over his changes to the yearbook, Samson tries to get his shot at redemption. Cabin Leaders get to wear cool hats and badges, they get their own leader's lounge with a pinball machine! During the presentation, Lazlo makes flatulence, which blows up the camp. It follows Lazlo, an anthropomorphic spider monkey who attends Camp Kidney, a Boy Scout-like summer camp in Pimpleback Mountains. Edward tries to mail himself out of Camp Kidney, but he is repetitively denied due to a lack of stamps. Beans and Weenies: The Jelly Beans discover they are genius hot dog-makers. The series was released on July 8, 2005 in the United States and November 1, 2005 in the United Kingdom. CC; Kids & Family; 2005; $11.99; View in iTunes. Lumpus is shocked to see that Lazlo has accidentally discovered the secret handshake of the Legume Council. 7. The Jelly Bean Cabin are sad because Leonard Lumpus, later named Algonquin, is sad for his failure to catch the biggest fish. Nurse Leslie begins to feel the pressure of his job and goes on a hike. Lazlo hugs everyone (except Samson) when Samson is the one who needs a hug.

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